Vascular Lesion Removal

Vascular lesions, also known as spider veins, are skin blemishes most commonly found on the face and legs. Vascular lesions are groups of blood vessels and capillaries that form directly under the skin. They are often purple or red in color and are caused by a variety of factors including age, activity level, hormones, and genetics. While vascular lesions are not harmful, many people seek to remove them for cosmetic reasons. Katy Hand and General Surgery provides safe and effective removal of unwanted vascular lesions using advanced IPL technology.

During treatment, our Astanza IPL system will emit concentrated light energy at the unwanted veins. The veins and capillaries will absorb the light energy, heat up and collapse, cutting off all blood flow while leaving the surrounding skin tissue intact and unharmed.

Most patients only need 2 to 3 treatments until achieving their desired results. The number of treatments needed relies on the size and severity of the lesion being treated. Dr. Vossoughi will assess your vascular lesion before treatment to determine the best outcome.

During the healing process, you may experience some bruising in the treatment area. Once this heals, your skin will reveal clear, younger looking skin. Patients are encouraged to stay active and avoid long periods of sun exposure to avoid more vascular lesions from forming