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Dressing Care

Dr. Vossoughi stays abreast of the latest research and technological advances to ensure that patients receive the highest quality treatment.

Please keep your dressing clean and dry after surgery. Avoid activities that can cause disruption of your dressing by making it wet or dirty. During summertime, try to stay in an air-conditioned area to avoid excessive sweating in the dressing. When taking a shower, cover the dressing with a sealed plastic bag or perform a sponge bath in order to keep your dressing dry. 

If you feel your dressing needs to be changed, please contact Dr. Vossoughi’s office. Do not change the dressing on your own unless you have clear instructions from Dr. Vossoughi.

If Dr. Vossoughi previously instructed that you may remove the dressing and wash your wound, keep your wound clean and do not touch dirty surfaces. You may wash your wound with non-perfumed antibacterial soap and water only, without soaking your wound. Do NOT use Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning your wound. Soaking of the wound is generally not advised except – for very specific cases instructed by Dr. Vossoughi.