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Pediatric Fractures / Pediatric Congenital Hand Problems

Dr. Vossoughi stays abreast of the latest research and technological advances to ensure that patients receive the highest quality treatment.

Fractures in children are different than in adults. Fractures involving growth plates need special attention and treatment. Children have softer bones than adults and may therefore not manifest deformity of the extremity. 

Xray showing fractured bones of arm

Greenstick Fracture

A type of broken bone in which a bone cracks on only one side (as opposed to all the way through). The fracture may resemble a broken or splintered branch, hence the name “greenstick”.

Dr. Vossoughi would perform a gentle exam on your child. To complete the diagnosis, she obtains in-office x-rays. A greenstick fracture may need manual manipulation or closed reduction to “set” the bone. Many times, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Surgical treatment may be indicated in more severe fractures.


Polydactyly is the presence of an extra finger. This can range from a small bump to a completely formed extra finger. Treatment may include observation, clipping, or removal through surgery.

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